Friday, March 9, 2018

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Clearance Time

It's that time of year.  Time for the stores to clear out Winter items to make room for Spring.  Actually it's been that time for awhile now  😀
My daughter has been having a good time shopping the clearance clothing and even picked up a few things for me while she was at it.  She brought them over last night.  She paid $1 to $3 for each item.
I'm thrilled!  She also brought me a pair of tennis shoes.  I thought she told me they were on clearance for $3, but I didn't see that reflected on the price tag.  I think  she just wanted to make sure that I had a pair of tennis shoes that wouldn't hurt my bad toe.  She's nice like that.  😍

I've been giving LetGo a try.  I sold the pair of tennis shoes that were too small for me right away.  Not having luck with my other listings yet, but I'm not giving up.  I have some things I want to list that didn't sell in the local Facebook selling page.  It's a matter of getting the stuff out, getting another picture and posting.
I also am in the very slow process of going through things in my craft/sewing room.  My guild is having a member rummage sale at the end of this month.  I hope that at least some of my extra will sell and help me make a little money.

In other "news"----

Don't forget your Friday Freebie.  This will make a good snack for the grandkids this weekend.
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Online and app earnings that I received this past week include:

**$11.16 after fees and shipping from a sale in my Etsy shop.
**$25 PayPal from Swagbucks
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**$10.25 PayPal from GlobalHits2U  -- Another of the many traffic exchanges that I do.
**$9.41 PayPal from MagicalJourney Downline Builder-- This is a site where lots of the TE's offer $1 prize hunt days as well as celebration promos for chances to win.  It's fun and I've had good luck winning recently, including winning $50 at Christmas time in a promotion! 
**$10.39 PayPal from SotukTraffic--Yes, another traffic exchange.  Honest owner, lots of ways to earn, automatic payout each weekend if you've made the $10 minimum.  I choose to be a gold member here, but even free members earn pennies nicely as well as your sites and banners and text ads do get seen here.

**$1 to my PerkPlastik card from PerkTV.  I've been having some issues with the app running correctly.  (use code 860efbf6 for bonus points for signing up)

Here is your list to check out for Recyclebank points this week:  Don't forget to check in daily to take the daily pledge for points too.
10 Free Recyclebank Points

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I think that's it for this week.  Don't forget to link up below if you have any frugal type posts of your own to share!  All are welcome both old and new posts.

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