Friday, January 12, 2018

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Slacking Already?

Last week I wrote about using the How to Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days from the apartmenttherapy website.  I did well for only 3 days.  I then ran into 2 days in a row where I was away from home the majority of both days.    Then, hubby started his week vacation, which always throws me off having him home all day.  Sigh.....I have to wonder when my life my actually slow down so that I can get into a good groove of routines.

The re-usable utensil set came in from Recyclebank.  I will order another set as they will be good add in gifts, but this time I decided to order the Nubian Heritage African Black Bar Soap instead.  It says it's good for acne (as well as many other things), and I want to give it to my 13 yr old granddaughter.  I still have more than enough points in my account to order more of the plasticware.

Here are some links to check out for some free Recyclebank points:

5 Free Recyclebank Points

30 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

I went to Snagshout to look for something to order for my oldest daughter for her birthday coming up on February 1.  I ended up getting her a silicone tipped tong set for $3.89.  It's a nice set that also comes with a squeeze bottle brush too.   While there I also ordered a set of 5 headbands for part of Amelia's 1st birthday gifts from me.  They were just $1.79.

I was able to order the above items using the $6 in amazon that I cashed out for from the Lucktastic App.  I was excited to find out that they now offer instant rewards starting at $2 to get amazon added now!  (I'm also really close to enough points to redeem for a $10 Burger King gift card too)

I still am far from having my earnings and such all added up from 2017.  I have totaled found money at $1.24, money paid babysitting at $1,193, and gifts at $305.80 (this includes birthday money and money from my ex)  I have that I was given $145 in gas money, but I know that's not right.  I had to have forgotten to write down several times throughout the year.  My mom gives me $10 a month for gas money, so that alone is $120, and my daughter gave me gas money lots of times for rides to work as well.  I know once I get figured out how much I was paid by websites in comparison to what I paid some of them for upgrades that I will be rethinking the upgrades.  Sigh....again with the time issue.

I am keeping separate columns this year on my earnings.  One page just for online and apps, other columns for all other items.  So far I am doing well with the 365 just with online and app earnings.  I hope I can keep it up!

Last week I shared a link with you to find out about getting free eggs and bread from Wal-Mart on  the app.  I didn't check it out until later, but I'm very glad I did!  I had no idea.  Add this one to my list.  When I went in, there was also free tomatoes.  It's nice too that you can choose the coupons and then instead of a mobile coupon or a paper coupon, you shop, but then get the money back into your PayPal account after you take a picture of your receipt in the app. 

Here are some sweeps you might want to enter.  Good luck!

Win a Wellness Retreat Vacation in Mexico

Win a Trip to the 2018 Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Win a $1,000 Macy's Gift Card

Win Amazon Gift Cards Instantly

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