Wednesday, January 10, 2018

WIP Wednesday-- First Post for 2018

I missed posting last week for the actual first Wednesday of 2018.  It was just an extremely busy day away from home from the time I got out of bed up until after supper time.

I continued to work on the jingle bell blocks for Amelia's first birthday.  Just have the 3rd one to finish putting together before her birthday party on Friday.
I also have continued to crochet here and there on the headbands.

I have been making quite a few of the double towel scarves.  I have more to make, and actually, these will be items I continue to work on throughout the year.  I have quite a few for one lady to choose her 2 from.  Once she is in town and gets hers, the remaining ones will be listed in my Etsy shop.

I have so many things that need to be worked on....way too many to even try to start making a list here.  Time is not on my side for getting much sewing or quilting done.  I wish that would change, but not sure how to make the change happen.   I already have a really late start on getting this blog post out as I got sidetracked cleaning up a corner of the living room because my oldest daughter finally came to get her desk out of that corner.  Sigh!!

Immediately I need to try to make a couple of things that I took patterns for from the last quilt guild meeting.  These will be items that will be for sale in our boutique booth at the Wichita Quilt Show in June.   I also need to get out my sewn 4 patches and sew around to make pin cushions.  These will be given out as a free gift to anyone who buys tickets for a chance to win our opportunity quilt.
I also really want to get started trying to machine quilt that baby blanket.

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