Wednesday, November 29, 2017

WIP Wednesday --Little Done

I shouldn't really say that I got little done, as I did complete dish scrubbies orders for 2 people.  That was a total of 19 dish scrubbies that I crocheted over the past week.

In addition I got the rest of the fabric cut to size for the remaining 26 composition notebooks that I am going to cover.

While cutting the fabric for the notebook covers I ended up with more strips to add to the rug that I am making.  I did add more to the current toothbrush rug as well.  You can see the extra strips that I cut on the side of the picture.

I had made 2 more of the double towel scarves intending to put them up for sale in my etsy shop.  They didn't make them there as a lady at church wanted to buy them.  She also wants at least 2 more.  So, I guess that counts as another work in progress.  I have the fabric out and the towels bought to make 4 more of them.

Wish me luck between babysitting for grandchildren!  I bounce between babysitting out of town for my middle daughter and then in town for both my youngest and oldest daughters.  This grandma is getting very worn out!!

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