Friday, March 31, 2017

Frugal Friday with Marsha -- Rug Making

As I have been working to attempt to make a penny rug, rugs, and making them is on my mind.

Some say that just  like quilting, rug making is a "lost art".  They are probably right, but I have a great time making them.

I started out years ago by crocheting them with that huge crochet hook.  I made them out of t-shirts that I cut in big rounds of strips.  We still use these around the house all these years later.  I even still have on of them listed in My Zibbet Shop.

I'm long done making rugs this way.  Some years back now a lady in our church taught us how to make toothbrush rugs.  One of the men of the church took our toothbrushes and fashioned them into the needles for us.

Here are a few that I have made.  Some of these have sold and some of them you will find in my Zibbet and in My Etsy Shop.

I still love making the toothbrush rugs and have bags of materials ready to make more in my craft room.

I took a class at the quilt shop on how to make a lockerhook rug.  So much fun!!  I have made 2 now.  One has sold and the other one is still in my Etsy shop.   I have one more to make this size, but I have bought more canvas and intend to make a runner rug!

I got an idea that I could make a latchhook rug with little strips of t-shirt.  This one is still a work in progress....and one that I need to get out to work on!

The only picture I have of the penny rug is the one I shared in my WIP Wednesday blog with my progress on cutting out the felt circles.   I do have those cut out now and in hopes that as soon as I am done with this post I will be pinning the circles to the blanket that I am using for the backing of the rug.  I will give a report on how it's coming along both here and in next Wednesday's post.

Other than buying the canvas for the lockerhook rugs and the string for making those, most all of my materials are "handed down" to me as others clean out their sewing rooms.....edges of fabrics that I've used for other projects, bought at yard sales and such.    In the "olden days", as I call them, all rugs and other things were made with scraps of worn clothing, blankets and such.  Sometimes I think I would have made a good pioneer woman......LOL

Here are some books and supplies on amazon that may interest you:
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