Friday, February 17, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- The Apps

Last Friday I wrote about the Friday Freebies from Dillon's (Kroger).  Today's Friday Freebie is FREE Chobani Greek Yogurt "Flip"® Product.  Those are good.  I like to have yogurt as my bedtime snack.

This week I was to talk about making use of the apps for savings.
Until my oldest finds a house of her own, she is responsible for most of the shopping in the house as her "pay" for living with us.  In other words, I rarely do buy things, but when I do, I want to take advantage of the apps if I can to help me earn cash back.

I like to watch and see what the healthy item of the week is on savingstar.  This last week it was bananas.  One for me and one for hubby was under 50 cents and I got a 25 cent rebate.

On checkout51 I chose cucumber from the list of 4 fresh items.  I paid 62 cents for one for us to share and got 25 cents back.

Ibotta was a little different for me this week as I chose to splurge at Dollar Tree for a package of cookies.  25 cent rebate means 75 cents to fulfill my sweet tooth.  2 cookies a day and I still have some left after a week.  

Ibotta and checkout51 both offered $1 rebate on buying a Kidfresh frozen entree.  I bought it for myself to have for my lunch on sewing day at church.  After rebates my lunch cost me just 72 cents.

Once it's up to me to buy groceries for the house again, I will always check ibotta before heading to the store.  Aside from lots of brand named products, there are always "any" offers.  Looking at the app on my phone I see 20 cents back on any cookies, 25 cents back on any popcorn, 20 cents back on brussels sprouts, 20 cents back on any carrots, 25 cents back on any brand milk and oatmeal, 25 cents back on any brand milk and peanut butter.  

You can see there is a pretty good mix of "any" items that you would probably have on your list anyway.  I see lots of name brand items today that I would buy as well.
There are usually more of the "any" items.  I've not used the app enough lately to know if it's how it used to be.  In the past, the more of the brand name items that you bought, the more of the "any" items would show up.
Generally there is any cheese, cereal, pasta sauce, chips, and other every day items.

Do you use the apps?


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