Friday, November 11, 2016

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Halloween Clearance

Earlier this week my oldest daughter woke me up with a facebook message saying she wanted to go to Walgreen's.  I told her to go then.  She told me she thought I might like to go too.  I knew she wanted to go and check out the Halloween clearance.  I didn't figure we would find much as it had been days since my middle daughter has messaged with pictures of all of the cool stuff they bought at 90% off.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that they did have quite a bit of Halloween clearance still on the shelves.

It's always fun, and a great deal to be able to shop after holiday clearance sales.  Sadly for myself, I often don't think ahead enough to make sure I have some money to shop with.  I did have some money in my pocket.  I could have bought more than I did, and probably should have.

I ended up spending $1.45 on what you see in this picture:

I bought myself the little witch headband for a little costume to have for occasions next year.  THe candy bar was a treat that didn't last long.  I now have treat bags to fill for next year, and I will use the activity books in gift packages throughout the year.

My daughter spent $7.03 for what you see in this picture:

I think she got the better deals buying all of the Nightmare Before Christmas items.  They are popular, and didn't seem to me to be Halloween specific.  She will use these for gifts as well.  She went and picked up the other Star Wars activity books for 5 cents each after she seen that mine did ring up for that price.

This got me to thinking too about those who would rather shop online.  I did a search for Halloween clearance.  Some results didn't show much of a discount, but here are some that did, although, not as much of a discount as inside the actual store.




Did you pick up any good deals this week?


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