Friday, August 19, 2016

Twice Betrayed by Wes Bundy -- A Review

You may recall that some months back I reviewed the newest book by Wes Bundy, The Bus Bench.  If you missed it and would like to take a look you can find it HERE.
Mr. Bundy graciously sent me his other 2 books, of which one was Twice Betrayed.

In Twice Betrayed we meet Kathryn Northcutt.  She is the daughter of one of America's wealthiest families.  She has led a very sheltered life due to being kidnapped as a child.
Eric Ryan, a college student studying to be a pharmacist has a chance meeting with Kathryn when their Limo had a flat.

From that day forward he could think of nothing but her.  A few years pass and Eric is now a pharmacist.  It so happens that medicines need to be delivered to the Northcutt's mansion.  Eric is excited to be able to deliver the medicines.  He includes a note to Kathryn in hopes that she will see it.  He reminded her of their chance meeting with the flat tire.

Kathryn did indeed receive the note, which ensued to quite a long time of them emailing each other back and forth.  Finally they get to meet in person.  Her mother, who she hated, disapproved but daddy liked Eric quite well.

Eventually they marry despite her mother's protests, but by doing so, her mother kicks her out of the family.  She has to go from spoiled rotten rich and having servants do everything to being poor and having to do everything for herself.

There is a whole myriad of things that happen throughout the book, including the death of both of her parents and some very revealing things in her mothers journals.
So much is going on that it makes this one of those books that you hate to put down as you want to know just what is going to happen next.

I admit to not liking the ending much.  The ending itself is nice, but it left me with questions....who was N?  Just what did they find in daddy's safe?   I wonder if Mr. Bundy will enlighten me?

I look forward to also reading and reviewing his other novel, The Devil in Butterfly Wings, next.

I am highlighting all 3 of his books on amazon here:

Disclaimer:  I rec'd a copy of this book to review but was no compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.  Post does include affiliate links.
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