Saturday, August 13, 2016

Online Earnings June and July 2016

June was sure a bleak earning month.  I use the excuse that I was gone part of it on the mission trip with no internet or mobile data.  That's really just an excuse though.

Zubeezone-- $5.60 paypal
Swagbucks--$25 amazon
PerkTV-- $10 amazon
Pinecone research-- $10 paypal
Instantcashsweepstakes--$2 paypal
Empowr-- $12.65

This totals just $66.38.  I spent $38.33 total on upgrades with some traffic exchanges bringing my net down to only $28.05 for the month  :(

I sold a few of my early quilts which I ended with $63.59 profit for Gifts Galore and More (which I call myself).  However, I realized that there are things that I have bought for "business" that I've not thought to write down over the year such as my new sewing machine, bobbins, cutter blades, thread, and batting.  Now I'm lost on how to know a true figure for the business side of my earnings.

If I add the $63.59 then I made $91.64 in June.

For July it looked a little better:

Atomicmailer-- $16.57 paypal
zubeezone-- $5.39 paypal
squirlytraffic-- $5.39 paypal
chatabout-- $5 paypal
swagbucks-- $25 paypal and $25 amazon
mylot-- $6.96 paypal
rabadaba-- $13.78 paypal
perktv-- $10 amazon
pinecone research--$3 paypal
lucktastic-- $5 amazon
apptrailers -- $1.03 paypal

This totals $121.87.  I had a total of $40.38 paid out in upgrades making my net $81.49 for the month.
For Gifts Galore and More I had a profit of $4.74 which takes my earnings to $86.23.

I have bee rethinking upgrades on the traffic exchanges.  Some I have cancelled, some I am keeping for now.  I did add 2 more.  Here are the banners for the traffic exchanges that I am currently upgraded with:

I have lifetime upgrades in zubeedownlines, redstagmailer, bigfootmailer, and redstaghits. The rest I do pay a monthly upgrade fee.

Happy Surfing, and here is to more and more earnings online for all!


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