Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Program Alert!

Coming next Monday at Noon EST there is a new mailer opening called Atomic Mailer.  It's going to be explosive too!
This post is just a heads up to be on the look out.  It's owned by Mark Fox who is well known and trusted for the many other websites that he owns such as Traffic Magician and Traffic Royal just to name a couple.

A mailer really works to get the word out about your website.
Full details will be in my post Monday morning at launch time.  You can get a head start look by clicking the banner below to see what the earning features will be on top of the great advertising!!

And hey, the first 1,000 to join start with $2 in their account as well.

P.S.  Feel free to contact me if you are not familiar with mailers and I will answer any questions that you have.

Have a great day!
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