Friday, August 7, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Camping Trip


It's been about forever since I've written here. July was just crazy busy, ending with our family vacation camping trip.
It was such a fun time! So surreal and a much needed break away from home. Awesome family time.

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend didn't get to join us as they had already planned a float trip with his family.
My son came. My oldest daughter, her 5 children, and father of one of them.
My middle daughter and her husband and 3 children.
4 family friends joined in on the fun.
My middle daughters husband, mother, 3 of his aunts, his brother and nephew joined us too.

My brother and niece came and spent the first day with us. A friend of mine and her hubby came and spent an afternoon.
Several of relatives on my daughters husbands side of the family and his friends showed up in and out while there.

Food---there was sure plenty of it!! Everyone shared what they brought for every meal and some took care of entire breakfasts.
If I could have stayed another week or so, I may have gained some weight!

We did get hit by a huge storm the first night. Very high winds took down some of the tents and everything was just drenched. We made the best of it by hanging 6 lines and hanging our clothes, bedding, etc up to dry.
There was 4 inches of rain and I found 3 inches of that inside my suitcase. Oh well, didn't bother me to wear my pj's the next day since it was a cooler day.
I wish I had taken some storm shots, but sadly, dealing with scared grandchildren and getting NO sleep, I didn't even think of it.

However, here are some of the pictures that I did take:
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