Friday, July 17, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha --Preparing for Our Camping Trip


Happy Friday to all!
Our family camping trip/vacation will be here before we know it. We are all excited.
My daughter and her family have reserved and paid for 9 camp sites at one of the lakes. There will be a ton of us there--around 50 I am guessing. It's going to be hot, but it's also going to be an awesome family time too.

In preparing for the trip, my husband has gotten out the camp stove and lantern that he got from his mom's house when she went to the home. He's got both of those in working order.
He also received a free first aid kit from work to add.

I had $13 left from my church cleaning paycheck and spent it at Aldi. I bought a bag of charcoal, styrofoam plates, plastic cups, paper towels, and ibuprofen.

I traded points on the lucktastic app for $20 in Target gifts cards. I have cashed out with swagbucks for $10 Walmart, and should be able to earn another $10 before the trip. I've cashed out with PerkTV for $5 Walmart and should also be able to get another $5 there before the trip. (If you happen to sign up for PerkTV, please use the code 860efbf6 and you will get 50 bonus points)
All of this I will spend to help buy our food and any other non-food items that we still need.

Of all vacations, I would say that going camping is one of the most frugal you can do.
We will be tent camping though, which is something we've not done for close to 20 years! Not sure I'm looking forward to sleeping on the ground, but unfortunately, air mattresses aren't in our budget.

We've owned out tent for almost that many years but have never slept in it. The year we bought it we found that our favorite RV park to stay at rents out campers and cabins too. Yep, we rented a camper and have gone that way every time we've been there since. I didn't even know what our tent looked like until we let my daughter and her family borrow it last year. It's a cool one....tent on each side with a tunnel in between the rooms.

What do you do to make your vacation more frugal?

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