Monday, May 18, 2015

Learning As I Go

I am still learning as I go about using the traffic exchanges.
I am still doing 8 of them each day, giving myself a goal of how much I am surfing at each one each day.  Often I don't make my goals, but I do get logged in to them each day and do at least some.
Some of them I am only continuing to work until I reach payout, then I will only do those occasionally.

My favorite by far is still Traffic Royal.  There are so many different ways to earn there, and I am still learning!  Just yesterday in chat I learned that there is an average surf reward.  Each day when I reach that, I go to the page and claim it for an extra 2 cents.  If I do that 5 times in a week then I claim an additional 10 cents.   
I'm glad I learned about it by someone else saying they got their reward in chat.  I wonder how many cents I've missed out on these past few weeks??
Once I get enough money in my paypal I am going to pay to upgrade to their first level upgrade.  In speaking to people in chat they say it's well worth it and I will gain over what I pay each month.  I'm willing to give it a shot for one month and see just how it works.

A couple days ago one of the gals that I chat with here and there in a few of the traffic exchanges (TE's) that I do sent me a message telling me about 2 mailers to join.
The mailers are a lot like the TE's only instead of surfing through websites, you get ads in your email with links.
I never thought I would try one, but boy am I glad that I did!
As a free member I get to send out a paid ad to members every 3 days.  I will be sending one out for Jerky Direct today.
The one I am doing is Wild Hog Mailer.  
It also has other ways to earn such as a jackpot game, the average click reward, paid to clicks, collecting icons and more!
You do pay a very small fee to join to open up the earnings, however, using the promo code Promo155  you get more than what you pay back in to your account!

Both of these (as well as at least one other that I do) have Zubee coin pages.  Zubee coins are an extra bonus way to earn while surfing the TE's.   Fun is what they are.   I am on a team there for a little extra added fun and a chance to win more if the team does well.
Once I have reached payout on some of the others, as I mentioned above, I am only going to join others that have Zubees.

If you have any questions about any of these, especially if you decide to join, please don't hesitate to email me at   or send me a message through my facebook page.

Thanks for reading and I am off to enjoy myself while I surf and earn.  I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it.

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