Monday, April 13, 2015

Traffic Exchange Update

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I over scheduled myself for merchandising work today forgetting that I had a board meeting and a quilt show meeting this morning!  I didn't get up in enough time to get any more than my figures written down this morning before I had to leave for the day.
Anyway, here is my report after 3 weeks of concentrating on working in traffic exchanges.

I did it again last week--I didn't join a new one, but seen in email that one I've been a member of since 2008 was now awarding zubees while surfing.  Zubees are collected and then traded in for cash and prizes.  Since I collect them now at Traffic Royal, I knew I wanted to collect them somewhere else either.

This one is Traffic4Webmasters ---nothing spectacular about it.  You can earn the zubees while surfing and every so many pages you get a chance to win cash.  Every so many pages you receive a surfing ticket for the weekly drawing. (I barely got in on that, but did win it for 8 cents).
I was surprised to see that I could promote up to 30 websites and also 10 banners---this one doesn't have text links.   I later found out that I have a lifetime gold membership is why I can promote so much.
My guess is that's why I signed up for it all those years back--it was an offer that the first so many members got a free lifetime gold membership.
I am taking advantage of the 30 rotating while collecting the zubees.   I did have to take some time to delete sites that I no longer do, remove repeats, and then add in new ones.
It's all good.

Back to Traffic Royal.  I am still LOVING this one!  I was disappointed to find out that the days that I had won the face your opponent in surfing that I hadn't gotten the 4 cents.  I went to the page and found out that to win, no matter how much or how little your opponent surfs, you must surf 500 sites to qualify for the cash.  Crud!
I now am surfing a minimum of 500 sites there daily (doesn't take long at all) and if my opponent does the max for the contest of 750 sites, then I do that too to share the prize.
I know this sounds like a lot, but as I am surfing I am collecting lots of credits----some cash---zubees---stickers (which are points to trade in on yet another website)----drawing tickets or pennies at the Magical Downline builder website-----and having fun while doing it!

This is getting long so I will say that I am still having lots of fun with all of them, but not making much.  My total earned this week was just a bit higher than last week at $4.50.
I did get one referral to Gladiator Hits that upped me in the top 25 there.
I'm in hopes of getting referrals other places as I continue to put my sites out there.

I am including the banners for each of the traffic exchanges that I am doing.  Easyhits4u isn't figured in my weekly earning, but I am surfing 100 sites a day for 3 cents each day.
***If you would like more details on any of these, please don't hesitate to email me at***


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