Friday, April 17, 2015

Frugal Friday with Marsha -- Gift Cards


This past week I've thought a lot about money. Not that I don't think about it a lot all the time, but this week was more.
I found myself upset that I had to spend all of my earned Target gift cards to buy cat food and cat litter.
I've come to the conclusion that I must be happy that I had them to buy the food and litter!

It really is great that I can earn the gift cards. Most of them are earned through running the apps on my phones. Swagbucks being my number one earner, and then PerkTV.
With those I take turns between getting amazon, Walmart, and Target. Amazon, of course, is used online through amazon. Recently I purchased a new cell phone battery and then a charger as well. Target cards have to be spent online or input into the Target app to be scanned and used at the store (which is what I do). The Walmart cards can be spent online, but they are also printable to be used in the store (which again is what I do).

What bothered me the most last week was that I had to spend all of them that I had. I'm more used to always having some available so when I see a good deal online I can gather my coupons and go spend my Target cards, usually getting more back for what I am buying. I didn't even bother to look up deals this week with nothing to spend. Yes, that is what bothered me the most.

As I said, it hit me just how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to earn the gift cards....period! They are very helpful all the way around.
Today I should have $10 in Walmart cards in my email. I'm heading there in a bit where I always buy what the Friday Freebie is on savingstar and the healthy choice item for the week if it's something we will eat. (Last week was asparagus, which we don't eat).

I did get the pleasure of a pretty good grocery shopping trip this past week. I had the Friday Freebie of the Tostitos snack on my Dillons (Kroger) card. I then bought a half gallon of milk for $1, 3-16 oz cottage cheese on sale for just .50 each, a 16 oz sour cream on sale for just .50, and 4 pot pies for mu .49 each after sale and digital coupon. I think I got a lot for just $5.38.

How has your week been frugal wise?

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