Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recycled Hexie Quilts--Using Vintage Hexagons in Today's Quilts

Recycled Hexie Quilts--Using Vintage Hexagons in Today's Quilts is by Mary Kerr and is chalk full of great ideas on how to use those hexagons you find in grandma's hope chest, at those estate sales, the ones handed down from Great Aunt Matilda.

The book is dedicated to the quilt makers of yesteryear, those who love and support us today, and to those who have gone before us.

It's set up in to 12 chapters covering such things as Hexies in Sashing, Playing with Edges, A Simple Border, and Mixing It Up.

I took the book to 2 of my sewing groups as well as my quilt guild meeting to have some of the other quilters look through it and let me know what they thought.
It was an outstanding thumbs up from everyone with comments such as:
"This book is fantastic!"
"This is a wonderful book."
"I really like what they have done here."
"I just got a really good idea on what to do with some of mine."
"I could sit and look through this book for hours."
It also brought back many childhood memories with some of the gals.

This is not a pattern book.  It's an idea book.  Many quilters came together sharing their designs and ideas throughout the book.  Colorful and vivid illustrations with the info on who owns, made, quilted, etc. each one.

Here is an example of 2 pages:

I was given a box of fabrics cut into hexagons.  In other words, I have a forever project of my own with them.  I also have picked up some nice ideas of things to do with the thousands of them that I am making!

Disclaimer: Schiffer Publishers sent me this book for the purpose of review. I was not compensated in any other way and any opinions are my own. Affiliate links included.

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