Monday, April 20, 2015

This Is Going To Be An Interesting Week

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For those of you who are following me also on bubblews you know that one of my merchandising jobs ended as of last Friday.
Hubby asked me how much I was making a month there.  The answer was $96.  He then commented that I will just have to do more clicking on the computer.

If you have been following my blog, especially on Monday's then you know that I've been working in several traffic exchanges.
After last week's post I knew that most of you were thinking to yourself--Why is she doing this for just $4.50 a week?
That got me to thinking.

As I surf the traffic exchanges, of course every website that I do to earn is in rotation between all of them.   As I surf, when I run across one of the other sites that I do either in rotation or as a banner or text ad, I click over and work that site a bit too.
This has gotten me back to doing some that I have been a member of for years, but rarely gotten to on a regular basis again.

My challenge for myself this week is to keep track of all money that I earn this week and see what my total is.
I got some of my current amounts written in my notebook last night.  I have spent this morning getting the rest of them

I say it's going to be an interesting week because I've never broken down what I earn in this way.  I'm both anxious and nervous to see just what my totals are this time next week.

Have you ever done anything like this--broke your earnings down?

Until next Monday---keep on earning!!

p.s.  I need to work this week also on getting my earning online page updated as well.
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