Friday, October 17, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha 10/17/14 More Crafts as Gifts

This is fun, and motivating.
If you've been following me for very long then you remember it was the either 2011 or 2012 when I added the page here on my blog with the ongoing linky for handmade type link ups.  Boy does time fly.  When I added it, it was for inspiration and motivation because I had hoped to have an all hamdmade Christmas that year.  Since then I had decided to always keep the linky open.

Here are some more of the things that I have made over the years and have given as gifts.

My husbands nephew was a big My Little Pony fan so my daughter had me crochet him this My Little Pony for Christmas.   I never have been one to crochet many stuffed animals, so this was a little challenging for me, but he loved it.

Staying along the lines of crochet, I made this cute little bee for my granddaughter, Willo for her birthday one year.  I think it was a free pattern that I had picked up at Walmart.
Speaking of frugal, nothing beats free.  Be sure to look for the free patterns hanging around in the craft areas of any store.

Here we have a crocheted Minni Mouse hat that I made for Zelda when she was a newborn.  Unfortunately, it barely fit her when she was born.  It was so darn cute though!

I got on a hair tie kick for awhile.  Gosh, I made these for everyone, and I mean everyone....well, ok, just the females.  I made so many that I donated a bunch of them to different charities at Christmas time too.   I didn't have a pattern, just kept crocheting around until they were the size that I wanted.

I actually have bee asked to crochet some little dolls from a book......I wonder what I did with those patterns.....hhhmmm.  I just ran across them the other day, but of course I don't know where I put them now.  If I find them I will share the book with you in another post.

For now, how about some of the supplies you will need for crocheting?

Don't forget to share any type of frugal related post you have put up this past week :)

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