Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday--Quilt Retreat Report--Edited to Add One More Photo!

First off my daughter is in a WIP progress right now.  I'm sitting at the hospital in the waiting room while she is in surgery have a cyst removed.
I'm thankful for free wifi so that I can have my computer to keep me company!

Now for the quilt retreat.  It was a blast!!
I have several pictures to share of projects that I worked on over the weekend.
I didn't complete a thing though.   I have a terrible time staying on task with just one project.  I tend to get bored and want to move on to something else.

I completed one whole hexagon flower.  No, I didn't work on these much.
The pins are my 'prizes'  Night owl for being one of the last 3 to leave Friday night.  Early bird for being one of the first 3 to come back Saturday morning.

My top for the Goodnight Irene sewalong.  It's now caught up and the sew along is over.  It didn't continue to finish the quilt.  I wonder when I will finish it?  A friend who attended the retreat gave me fabric for my backing.

I guess this was a completed project, but not one that I took to the retreat.  These are 2 lined bags.  They were kitted to be made and we got an extra entry in for the grand prize basket for each one we made.  Our quilt show is July 2015 and members are making these.  They will be for sale at the door at the quilt show for $3.

My scrappy rectangle quilt now waits for binding.  The strip of fabric on the side there is what I have ready to make into binding.

My sunflower table runner and 4 placemats also just wait now for their binding.  I will be using the green that is in the picture.
These are panels that I bought months ago.   I actually really want to finish these as I look forward to having them on the table.

I guess you can sort of call these finishes.  The first one is our block of the month for June.  The other one is May's block that I didn't get done in time.

Last but not least I spent a little bit of time on my yo-yo table runner.  I added one more row.  Just 2 more rows to sew on and it will be the size I want for the center of my coffee table.

Now here are a few pictures from the retreat itself.
The door prize table, lunch time, and a shot of a few of my fellow quilters.  (I am the guild historian so I have lots of pictures, these are just a few of them.)

  Since my post is so long with photos I'm going to skip putting in my UFO and NewFO lists.

I am editing this on Friday because I forgot to add in my photo of my yellow hexagon 'project'.
This month over on the blog the scrappy challenge for June has been the color yellow.
I pulled out all of the yellow pieces from my hexagon box.  I had hoped to get them ALL done by the end of the month but didn't make it.
Below is the picture of the progress that I did make.    I look forward to seeing what the color will be for July.

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  1. these are so awesome, and I would love to do these, but I am not coordinated enough my mom has some from my grandma and great aunt that were made out of scraps from dresses so they are a memory ...I might make the circle fliggies my friend in college showed me how and stich them on a flannel jacket that my mom hates going for vintage 90's where everything was mixed may add buttons and who knows what else!

  2. Hope all is well with your daughter.:)
    So many projects...Goodnight Irene looks good!

  3. Looks like a great retreat. You got lots done, even if nothing is finished quite yet. I'm sure you can take a few to the next step before too long. Lovely hexies. A new color is coming soon.

  4. Best wished to your daughter. Looks like your retreat was a blast. Great projects!

  5. You have been busy! The bags are cute, what a great price too! Love the hexies!


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