Thursday, September 11, 2014

Writer's Unite Weekly Link Up 9/11/14

Welcome to another week of Writer's Unite.
I'm seeing a lot of writing going on in the various facebook groups.
Some of you are busily updating your lenses that were transferred to hubpages.  Some of you are creating new blogs and blog posts.  Some of you are writing away on bubblews or other writing platforms.
Let's see what you have been up to both new and old!


  1. Yes, I am busy for sure, all over the web. Today I share my latest recipe published on Wizzley and my latest article just published on my Dog Pawsitive Tidbits blog.

    Off to Bubblews to read your latest articles, Marsha. Thanks!

  2. I never did get all my lenses taken down, so some got moved to hubpages. I guess I should go over tehre and see what its all about.

  3. Aw shoot...didn't mean to post the same link again. You can delete that one if you like.

  4. This is such a cool way to keep up with what others are publishing and find so great reading! Thank you


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