Thursday, July 24, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 7/24/14

I hope this week I find you all doing well in squidoo land.
I wonder what day the CSS will disappear?  I know I went a little crazy when I learned about it and did several of my lenses up with colored backgrounds and such.

In fact, just the other day I was in on of my book review lenses and the review itself just wasn't standing out.  I put a border around it.  Nothing over the top, just so that someone would actually spot the review.  Now that is going to be gone!  Back to square one of trying to figure out how to make it stand out.
Is there html that will do the same thing?  It all looked like html to me!   I didn't know what CSS even was until I looked at the examples.

hhmm   maybe text modules above and below the review with the squiggly line html......if those codes are html.

Anyway....I have kept all of my lenses out of WIP since last Friday so that's good.  I continue to update a minimum of 3 lenses each day and make notes on different ways that I can update each one.
I still have lots of my 146 lenses that I've not gotten to at all.

Question:  What are you best suggestions for updating the lenslets?  We are limited to modules.
Last night I updated one, but what I did was change out an amazon item for something else.

I can't wait to see what blog posts and lenses you share with us this week.
I'm going to continue sharing 2 of my lenses that are hovering the 87,000 ranking  (is it 87,000 or 85,000 the lowest it can be for ad revenue?)

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