Friday, June 13, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 6/13/14

It's Friday the 13th.....are you superstitious? I'm not and if anything, I consider it lucky, not unlucky.

Last night we were watching Extreme Cheapskates on TLC. No, I couldn't find anything better to watch.
It was all shows that I've seen in the past.
They call it extreme for a reason.

Some things are way overboard like sharing dental floss---gross! Sharing bath water---uummm no.
I know there are a lot of people all over the world who dumpster dive for food. I've seen it here first hand. I don't think that I could ever do that!
(I have been known to take the laundry mat trash years ago to gather Tide or other brands UPC's to order toys, shirts and such)
I don't think I could handle the cut up shirts for toilet paper---just the thought of a dirty can on them in the bathroom doesn't make me feel so good.
How about the family that washed their dishes in the baby swimming pool. All 3 of us heard them say that AFTER the kids are done in the pool then they wash their dishes---ok.....

Some things are very useful such as using dryer lint as fire starter. Timed showers to save water isn't a bad idea.
I'm not opposed to vacuuming and such after midnight if the electric rates really are cheaper then.
Dumping your boiling water on weeds after your pasta is cooked, to kill the weeds----does this really work?
Riding a bicycle over driving a car---always a pretty good idea for health reasons too.

Over the years I've gotten furniture, and even carpeting from dumpsters behind stores. Nothing too wrong with that.

I can't say I've done much this week other than the usual hanging laundry on the line to dry and trying to keep lights off around the house.
We did shop at Aldi. I only had $20 to spend but that got me 3 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts, a pound ground beef, 1 pound ground turkey, 4 lbs of sugar, can of mandarin oranges and a bag of frozen California mix veggies. $19.76 to be exact.
(We get our income tax refund finally next week and will be doing a stock up on food shopping trip to Aldi)
Oh, we bought a stand up deep freeze for $75 too.

How has your week been?

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