Thursday, March 6, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 3/6/14


We no longer have internet at home, so I am having to work from the library when I can.
I am going to try to keep up with the things that are most important to blog, bubblews, squidoo. swagbucks, my email, and a couple of paid to clicks that i do.

I'm actually writing this and scheduling it to post as I'm not sure what time I can make it here to the library to post it.

You won't believe it, but I actually updated a lens today.  I had intended to update 2...picking 2 of the 7 that I hadn't gotten to yet on deciding the 20 amazon to keep.
I did the Dora the Explorer lens.
The amazon was the easy part as I was only 2 over the 20.  One of those links wasn't good anymore.
The hard part was....omg....I had copy and pasted major information about the characters of the show from wikipedia.  I cited that's where I got the info from and all...but talk about duplicate content!!
I went through and took out most of it, but also changed wording, paraphrases, changed sentences around etc.   I did keep the link where I found the info.
Whew!  It published at 100% with no problems....hopefully it stays that way.

I also made it to work on to approving and returning some of the comments in my dashboard as well.
I'm going to truly try to work in squidoo daily, even if it's just returning a couple of comments.

This is day 3 of having to work from the public library when I am able.  So far I'm seeing that this may just be good for me.  I've had to be more organized and more thorough in getting done what needs to be done in a day.
Plus, when I am home in the evenings I am working on sewing and reading more.
Wish me luck!

I hope to see lots of link ups this week!!  Thanks to those who always take the time to check in.  I will be adding my links to the link up some time during the day.

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