Friday, March 7, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 3/7/14

I am finding that I just don't know what to write about this week.
My husband hadn't paid the cable bill in 2 months and we are now without internet at home.
I am having to attempt to get my things done time permitting at the public library.
I am finding this very stressful.

At one point to save money we had went to just the very basic cable channels and internet.
I am guilty of asking him to add the channels back up to 63 as I was missing the tv series that I enjoy watching.
He's a sucker for a salesperson and was talked into getting the bundle package.  So, instead of adding $30 a month to the bill, he ended up adding $100.  I told him right away to take it back, he never did.
We've been discussing it lately, but he still didn't do it.
I'm not on the bill or authorized to make decisions on it.

To say that I am still mad is an understatement.  I just feel like he's really 'screwed me over' as he knows that the majority of the money that I earn is earned through the computer.

I know there are tons of people out there that only use their public library, or other free wifi places for their internet.  Hey!  if I had some money to buy at least drink for my daughter and I, we could go to Wendy's late night for internet time.
I will keep that in mind if and when I do get a few $$ in my wallet.

I do hope that you will link up some money saving posts this week....motivational posts of some sort.  Please.

I am still reading Lean Body Fat Wallet.  I have tried to discuss the things from the book with my husband but he is blowing it all off as impossible......even the part of keeping track of what is coming in and what is going out.  He says he doesn't remember what he spends (which is a HUGE problem) and that he won't take the time to carry along a little notebook to keep track.
I know what he spends where for the most part from his checking account statement as he almost always uses his checkcard.  It's the times when he gets money from the ATM that I don't know where it was spent.

Does anyone else have a spouse that is uncooperative in living a frugal/simple life and spends and spends?

Again, please do link up this week.  I really need some encouraging posts to read.  Thanks!!

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