Friday, March 28, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha 3/28/14

It's hard to believe that March is almost over. A month ago today I was off to a weekend quilting retreat. It was here in town at a building at our state fairgrounds. It was my first retreat and I hope more to come.
I'm still kind of reeling from spending the $75 to go but I know it was important for me to get away from it all for a bit. I had a great time, completed 2 projects, and came home with $69 retail in prizes and goodies too. Of course we also were fed all of our meals and snacks.

This has felt like a rough week. There has been NO money to spend. Yesterday I did get in a $12 check for doing surveys and was able to buy milk. I'm expecting a paycheck in the mail today from my merchandising job.
I have a smallish list made out of essentials.
I'm actually going to shop at Aldi where I know that items are cheaper. I need to make shopping there a habit since I can't keep up with my coupons, and it's rare to have a coupon for milk, eggs, etc anyway.

Speaking of coupons.....I've not cut out the coupons from the Sunday papers for 4 weeks now! I'm having a hard time working that back in to my routines.
I've looked through them and taken out ones that I wanted to use right away. I have used coupons that I've printed from the internet too.
Not saving much this way.

I'm still reading Lean Body, Fat Wallet: Discover the Powerful Connection to Help You Lose Weight, Dump Debt, and Save Money It's such a good book and I highly recommend it. I'm working more on the health part and changing my comes exercise.
I still need to get my husband on board on the wealth part of the book since he is the main money earner and bill payer.

Motivate me!

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