Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday 1/8/13

I got started this past week on making the log cabin blocks with the 1 inch strips.  I spent one day cutting the squares for the half square triangle middles and the 1 inch strips.
I spent the next day sewing together the half square triangles.  I still need to square each of those up.
I ended up with enough of those to make 6 wall hangings.  I know that I am making at least one wall hanging and then I am thinking a table runner for sure.  
Since I'm not certain, I plan to make ALL of the log cabin blocks and then make my decision.   I hope to show you nice progress each week.
I've worked on my yo-yo's here and there since the last time I posted about those.
I have about 15 or so more to make with the fabric I had put into my box.  I have 114 made, plus the ones that I already started sewing together for my table runner.
I'm thinking of continuing to make them once I am done with the table runner and put them up for sale by the bag full like I see others do on etsy, or make a table runner for sale too if there seems to be an interest there.
 I didn't take another picture of the toothbrush rug that I am working on, but I am closing in on being done with it.  I do plan on finishing it today and getting it up for sale in my etsy shop.  I just put a rug out for the mailman to pick up that I sold.

I am working at building my etsy back up and have more items to also add to my zibbet store as well as my shophandmade store as well.

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