Thursday, January 16, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 1/16/14

How was your payday this month?
I believe I was paid the most I have ever made.  Nothing to brag about as it was just $15.07 including what went to charity, but more than I expected.

I'm confused as I should have all of my lenses set to pay out 10% to specific charities.  My payday page states that $4.27 of my payment was from "I want cash" lenses. 
Looks like I need to go through all 140+ of my lenses and find out which one, or ones, aren't giving to a charity.

It could be one or two of my newest lenses.  Or, could it be that maybe one of the many charities I have chosen to give to is no longer on the squidoo list?
I'm making that my mission between now and next Thursday, so I will let you know then.

I didn't build or update any lenses over this past week.
I pretty pick at random what 2 lenses I decide to share in the weekly linky's but  usually pick from lenses towards the bottom of my ranking list.

I want to remind my reader's that Winona over at Nonersays is also doing a weekly squidoo linky on Sunday's.  Here is the link to her latest post.  I hope you will hop along with her as well.  There are still 2 days left to add to her linky this week.

Squidoo Sunday - 1/12




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