Thursday, January 16, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 1/16/14

How was your payday this month?
I believe I was paid the most I have ever made.  Nothing to brag about as it was just $15.07 including what went to charity, but more than I expected.

I'm confused as I should have all of my lenses set to pay out 10% to specific charities.  My payday page states that $4.27 of my payment was from "I want cash" lenses. 
Looks like I need to go through all 140+ of my lenses and find out which one, or ones, aren't giving to a charity.

It could be one or two of my newest lenses.  Or, could it be that maybe one of the many charities I have chosen to give to is no longer on the squidoo list?
I'm making that my mission between now and next Thursday, so I will let you know then.

I didn't build or update any lenses over this past week.
I pretty pick at random what 2 lenses I decide to share in the weekly linky's but  usually pick from lenses towards the bottom of my ranking list.

I want to remind my reader's that Winona over at Nonersays is also doing a weekly squidoo linky on Sunday's.  Here is the link to her latest post.  I hope you will hop along with her as well.  There are still 2 days left to add to her linky this week.

Squidoo Sunday - 1/12





  1. I already figured it out. The $4.27 was my cash from the month or months before when I didn't make the payday threshold that I set which is $5. They had paid the charities but didn't pay me because it was less than $5. Maybe I should go ahead and change my threshold to the $1.

  2. Your pay was much higher than mine was but I don't have as many leneses as you do and I've only been on Squidoo since July of 2013. Hopefully mine will just keep increasing more and more all the time. My payday on HP was really good this month though :)

  3. I've had my payout threshold on Squidoo set at $1 since Day One, Marsha. I find that works best for me.

  4. Like Elf, I set my payout for $1 too. It can get very confusing when the payout is several months lumped together.

  5. Like Wednesday Elf. I have always had my Squidoo payout set at the $1 minimum. Right now most of my time is taken up by the new Squidoo Contributor program and I am loving being the Books For Kids Contributor.


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