Thursday, December 5, 2013

Squidoo Hopping 12/5/13

I finally did it!  I finally built 3 lenses using the new formats.  I chose to do one from each format too.   I filled out the form to re-apply for giant squid.
I got an email back from Bonnie the same day.  

I like the review format except I wanted to put in more pictures for the review.  There I am feeling lost.  
I could put the book as the amazon link in the intro.
I could only have one other picture.   I guess I could have had 2 if I hadn't put in the video.
Most book reviews I wouldn't have a video for.  However, a lot of the books that I review are craft related and PR likes me to show a few of the pages for example, or photos of crafts that I make out of the books.

Is there no way to "Sneak" more pictures in there.  Even the photo gallery module would work.
Maybe on the craft type books I better just stick to building not using the format.

Can we "squidoo it" from the favorites bar and not have to use the review format?

Yes, I am full of questions today!

I like the how to format, especially that we can add up to 10 items from amazon that are needed for the project.  That one is cool.

I like the recipe format.....and here in my question there.   I am seeing others who are updating recipe type lenses and I am seeing that their recipes are in the format that we see in the recipe format.    Is that now a module that we can add to those lenses?  Forgive me for not looking myself, just not going to be building or updating today.

Link away this week!  Keep me busy!  Please remember to also link up any blog posts you have written pertaining to squidoo as well.


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