Friday, December 6, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha Linky Party 12/6/13

The Christmas tree is put up......I've looked through my stash tote.....I've divided things up.
I have a list of the personal care items that I need so that all adult males and females each have the same items from me.

Oh, that's not as bad as I thought. I did end up having more than enough nicer women's razors for each woman.  I only have one man's razor though.
I have enough men's body wash, but no women's bodywash.
None will be getting deoderant this year.
I have loads and loads of men's shave gel, but need one more women's.

Hubby and I hit Walgreen's and used the $4 coupon off $9.99 toy and got the boys each a gift.
I got in the Zeenie doll for review for one granddaughter.  For 2 other girls I used the $5 off $25 toys coupon at Target along with $15 in Target gift cards I earned from shopkick and didn't pay too much for 2 My Little Pony Dolls.

I also hit the $1 section at Target and picked up $1 goodies for my Christmas sacks.  I still need to make another stop in that section to make sure everyone has goodies in their bag.
I am thinking of picking up the package of mini flashlights at Walmart. 10 in a package for $10.
I have a little stock up on AA batteries in the draw already from a recent sale and using coupons.  I think those will be good for the guy's Christmas sacks, including the boys.

Men and boys are the hardest to shop for----all the "toys" they want cost too much.

I only have $2 in register rewards to use at Walgreen's.  My plan is to use it to help buying the candy for my Christmas sacks.

I am knitting on the 3rd scarf.  I still don't know how many I am making.   I know of 5 for sure.  I will pick up another skein of yarn at Walmart this morning.

There is my update----how is your Christmas shopping shaping up?

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