Friday, December 27, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha 12/27/13

Christmas day has past and we are heading in to the New Year.
We are officially in the 12 days of Christmas now.  Do you celebrate?  We really don't here, but I have always wanted to.  

Yesterday I sat here and wrote out a list of goal and challenges for myself going in to the new year.  I may share those in a separate blog post, but will share my savings plan with you today.

I have been saving all of my change as well as $1 from every check that I get in.  This savings, I hope, will be for my sewing hobby.  I have an annual membership to pay at quilt guild.  I like to do the workshops when they are offered.  I need $60 to pay for the retreat my guild is having in June.   

This plan will stay in effect until I get this laptop paid off.  At that time I will then put $5 in from each check I receive.

I also have started a savings that I am keeping in my purse at all times.  There I am saving any change that I find around the know, in the laundry, bedroom floor that hubby drops......and any change that I might find on the ground while I am out and about.  I am also putting $1 from every check in there.  This money I will use when I see something on clearance, for example, throughout the year that will make a good gift. 

Back to the subject of this laptop.  Not a frugal thing on my part.  I am buying it from a rent to own place.  If I can pay it off before February 23, the 6 month mark, then there is no interest.  I have been paying $50 or $54.16 each week in hopes of paying it off in that time.  However, I have missed 4 weeks of doing this over time.  This week makes week 5 of no payment, and this is NOT good.  Silly me anyway.  I picked out a Dell which retails for $1,039.

Lesson learned:  Had I been patient with my slow computer and had been putting that $50 into savings, I could have bought say a $500 or so computer out right.   

Do you have any ways that you save money?

I look forward to what you link up this week  :)


  1. I love your savings plan! We will have to try it! We already shop clearance year round for Christmas, Easter, and birthdays.

  2. Good luck on your saving plan. I'm paying off a bill and all my extra money goes toward it. I sell handmade cards at a local salon. They are only $2.50 each and I don't sell many, but every little bit helps!


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