Friday, December 13, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha 12/13/13 Linky Party

I am late getting this post up today. First my daughter was sick so I had to take the grandkids to school. While I was out I knew I better get my merchandising job done at Walmart and a little scanning with my checkpoints and shopkick apps.
I then went to the bank. I had money in my account from selling books at that I didn't realize.
My bank is next door to Target so I stopped on in to scan with the apps there too. I should have cashed in my points to pay for most of the cat litter that I bought, but decided to wait and just pay the cash.
I then headed to Walgreen's.

Walgreens is where my morning went awry. I wanted to go ahead and get some stocking stuffers and such and use the $5 Jingle Cash we had gotten before.
Sigh---it's not like last year when it was just $5 off period, it's $5 off $30. I was ok with that as I had my $10 gift card that I redeemed from mypoints to also help me pay.
What I didn't know is that the $30 is before coupons.
I didn't read the fine print ahead of time to know that, but I have now read it. It states: Walgreen's Jingle Cash can only be redeemed on a total qualifying purchase of $30 or more. Only one Jingle Cash coupon redeemed per transaction. Jingle Cash can not be redeemed for cash. Jingle Cash is earned after all applicable discounts and before any manufacturer's coupons or taxes are imposed.
In other words, it doesn't tell you what a total purchase of $30 or more is!! It should state $30 after all discounts and manufacturer's coupons.
Oh well, lesson learned.
To be honest, if I had known it was going to be $5 off $30 anyway, I wouldn't have worked to get up to that first $30 last week anyway! Again, I am guilty of not reading the whole thing....just assumed it would be the same as last year.

I am still happy with my purchases as I got candy for my Christmas sacks, coloring books for the children's sacks, a couple of nail polishes for my teenagers sack, toys for my youngest grandchildren, and a gift for my teenager too.

I really should keep all receipts for anything that I buy for gifts so that at the end of the year I know just how much I have really spent. I know it would be WAY above what I think I am spending, even though I am a frugal type person.

God willing, this evening I will be at the quilt shop for 4 hours of sit n' sew. I will buy my son and hid girlfriend pillows and I am making them pillowcases. I spent $14 on the fabric. I bought it from the clearance fabrics. I only spent $4 and some change as I had a $10 gift card that I won. Also, I bought about a yard more fabric than I needed.
Now my oldest daughter said that her and her bf could use the same gifts.
I also ran across an unfinished wall hanging that I had bought at the member's booth of our quilt show for 50 cents. I am finishing it up to give to my mom.

I bought what I think is the last skein of yarn for the scarves that I am knitting for gifts.

I still have what feels like many gifts to think about and get! How are you coming along? I can't believe that Christmas is only 12 days away!

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