Friday, April 26, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha--The Garden!

Happy Friday!  It's rainy here, but not too cold.  I think that spring is finally here!
Yesterday I picked up my daughter Heather, and granddaughter Zelda and brought them in to town to work on the garden in our back yard.

Gardening is pretty hard's fun and relaxing.  Hopefully we will harvest from our efforts.
My daughter found that the dirt around their house is just not fit for planting.  It's clay and we couldn't even dig in to it.  She had bought several packets of seeds and had some already started.
She's been saving scraps for the compost pile.  She had already sent me home 2 boxes to add to my pile.

This past Sunday my hubby and I worked 4 or 5 hours just preparing the area out back.  Hubby did buy pete moss and cow manure that he  roto-tilled in with what was in the compost pile.  I've not had much luck getting my pile to compost, but after the recent ice storms it was starting to turn.  I have no idea if we should have went and put the pile in, but I didn't figure it could hurt anything.

Heather and I spent 3 hours yesterday morning planting.
We have a little bit of a lot of foods:
green beans
bell peppers
snap peas
(In the house I have celery re-growing, basil and I have a planter of spinach.  Heather has herbs growing in her house too)

Here are the photos that I took yesterday:

 And this is my kitchen window sill:
I will be building a squidoo lens later today starting with these photos and then updating it monthly with new photos of the garden progress.

Wish us luck!  :)

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