Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Homeschool Journal--Getting Back In The Swing of Things

We had a good day yesterday getting back in to the swing of schoolwork.  It was actually nice after taking over 2 weeks off.
We started the day with devotions from the Guideposts book.  We moved on to Kansas History reading trading cards of famous Kansans that I had picked up at the state fair this past year.  Then it was Earth Science from the text.  We will be finishing the text up, hopefully before the end of March.  From there we learned about and calculated simple interest in the Understanding Investment and the Stock Market workbook.  She did a workbook page in her Vocabulary Enhancement workbook, and we can't forget exercising with the Wii.

I am glad that we did invest the money in buying the Wii.  Jasmine is sticking with using it for exercise and enjoying it.  

I took a video this past Saturday evening when we had 4 grandchildren overnight.  They were having a blast!

Today is my monthly sewing club at church.  After the usual Bible study upstairs at church, Jasmine will come down, have lunch and then get busy on the various workbooks that remain in the van.  They remain there since we do end up out and about a lot.  This way she can keep on working.  It works for us!   Do you do anything like this as well?

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