Friday, November 9, 2012

Frugal Friday With Marsha--11/9/12 (linky)

I hope this finds that everyone has had a good week.  Those that endured Sandy have continued to be in my prayers as they work to get their lives back in order.  Especially those who then had to deal with the snow storm as well!

I had some more good shopping trips with sales and coupons this past week:
Here I spent .54.  I saved a total of $19.80 with coupons including the extra $5 off from the buy 10 sale.  My receipt shows 100% savings because the .54 was sales tax.   I used $6 in catalinas that I had rec'd in a previous trip.

 Here I spent $14.14 and saved $68.66 with coupons and the buy 10 sale.  I saved 90% plus rec'd the $6 in catalinas that I used in the trip from the picture above.   ($2 catalina for buying 2 Dove body wash for men, which I paid .49 each for after coupons and $4 catalina for buying 4 Reach toothbrushes (which you can't see in my photo) that I paid .49 each for after coupons)

It seems that saving money with coupons and re-stocking our house is about the extent of me being frugal lately.
Well, other than my usual trying to make sure lights are not on when no one's in the room.

This week I want to share  5 different uses for Lip Balm out of the 99 Cent Solutions book:

1.  Tame those eyebrows---or that mustache.  Apply a little lip balm to calm down those hairs.  It's clear, waxy, and able to groom those wild hairs.

2.   Use it on your hands.  If your hands are still getting chapped over the winter months, even using lotion, rub lip balm on them, particularly between your fingers, on them every night before bed.  You will treat the rough spots and contribute to overall moisturizing.

3.  Lightbulbs---If you put lip balm on the threads of your light bulbs before putting them in to the sockets, you will prevent rusting and make removing them easy when they burn out.

4.  Faux finish--if you are out on that hot date and you chip your nail polish, just touch up the area of the nail with your matching lip stick.  

5.  Take the ouch out of shaving--Lip balm is a pain-free alternative to styptic pencil.  Just dab a bit on your cut and you'll be good to go.


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