Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homeschool Journal--We've been on Hiatus!

We've been on hiatus from many things!  It looks like I've not even written a blog post since October 5th.  Wow!

Life has been just crazy.  First Jasmine was working at the state fair, then my oldest daughter followed the state fair to Oklahoma so we had her 5 children for 2 weeks.  That would have been awesome if I was also homeschooling them, but alas, the father of the 3 oldest says no.

Last week was Jasmine's 16th birthday.  You know 16th's are special so we did a lot of planning and preparing for her party, including driving out of town to pick up my middle daughter and granddaughter so they could be here for her day.

It was rather funny.  One of the things that Jasmine spent some of her birthday money on was a word search book.  At a lull between decorating for the party and such she sat down and started working the word searches.  Her boyfriend called me over to point out that she was learning doing the puzzles.  Each one had a theme such as horses, authors, etc.  I thought it was rather neat that he is seeing the learning outside the classroom and textbooks.  Yes, he goes to public high school.

They are also learning music in youth group.  Jasmine is learning to play the bells for a program they are doing.

I will end today sharing some photos from her birthday party.

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