Friday, August 17, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up 8/17/12

Whoa! It has yet again been a busting busy week for me away from home. Doesn't end until at least after Sunday. Next week is hubby's vacation and we do have an overnight trip planned at least. We've been saving change for well as he has been saving the money he makes mowing the neighbors lawn too.

My mind is flying!

I had another great shopping trip yesterday saving 82% after coupons and sales. I used $34.22 in coupons including the additional $10 off for buying the 20 items. I paid $10.44 out of pocket for what you see in the picture:

This week I am sharing 4 uses for chest rub from the 99 Cent Solutions book:
1. Kick the cough. Rubbing a chest rub containing camphor or menthol over your chest and throw will relieve the pain in your chest as well as stop the cough itself.

2. Steam away your stuffiness. Add a teaspoon of vaporizing chest rub to a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Remove the pot from the stove and lean over it, keeping your face about 18 inches away. Place a towel over your head and shoulders to make a dome over the water. Breathe in the steam and your sinuses should be better shortly.

3. Chest rub for your feet. Pamper your sore feet with chest rub at night. Cover them with the goo, put on a pair of socks to protect your sheets, and go to bed as usual. You will have happy feet in the morning.

4. Tick off ticks and other pesky bugs. Don't give gnats, mosquitoes and ticks a chance to bother you next time you venture out in to the great outdoors. Slather on a good dose of check rub on your legs and pants to repel the bugs. Just like us, they want to stay far away from that smell.

Your turn! Encourage us all by sharing your frugal related posts. Remember that the linky remains active for a week.

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