Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wip Wednesday--fusique'® Workshop! and more

Good morning WIP friends!

It's been a busy week for me.  Monday was our monthly quilt guild meeting.  Our speaker was Linda Everhart.   She did a great presentation for us, showing us so many things while telling about her life at the same time.

The most exciting part for me was the workshop in the afternoon!  I've been waiting for the workshop, it being my very first one to attend.

I love to learn new things and Linda taught us her fusique'® technique.

I encourage you to check out her website at   She has videos available and patterns for sale.

I did get one square of 3 put together at the workshop.  I took this photo Monday evening.  I did do some more cutting out yesterday too.

 You know how much fun I have after I learn something new.  Linda has a lot of great patterns.  I hope to be able to buy a couple more patterns very soon!  The pattern I am using here is her newest and is entitled Enchanted Emerald Aisle.

Moving on.......once again I only worked just one day on my other quilt.  I have one more row on, but not completed.   One of these months I will get this one completed and another quilt started.

 I had an inquiring asking if I could make the plastic bag holders.  It couldn't be that hard  :)   I finally printed out a tutorial that I found at

 I had taken a picture this morning of it still in my sewing machine, but ended up finishing it before starting this post.  So, here it is, completed, and filled with all the bags that I have hung off the back of a chair all week  LOL!
 Last but not least this week is my 2 week check in on the granny a day challenge blanket.   This is May 2, 2012 and day 123 of the year.  It's getting bigger yet.  Miss Molly had to get in on the picture taking action again.
 I can't wait to see just what I can get finished to share by next week.  In the meantime, check out these blogs, which I am connecting to:
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