Sunday, May 13, 2012

SIS-Shares in Squidoo--Homesteading

First of all I want to say to all Mom's out there:

glitter graphics
Glitter Graphics, Mother's Day Glitter Graphics

Now on to the Shares in Squidoo blog hop :) Hosted by Ruth, please click the button and hop along with us.


This week I want to share an interest of mine, which is homesteading. There are loads of lenses on squidoo sharing journeys and methods. I am sharing a few of those today.

Living the Off-the-Grid Good Life by lensmaster RenaissanceWoman2010

Off the Grid Myth-Busting by lensmaster RenaissanceWoman2010

Homesteading by lensmaster steveffeo

The Wild Homestead Blog by lensmaster ss834

Homesteading-Living Off Grid by lensmaster WhiteOak50

For my own lens share today, I will share my Uses for Newspapers lens. It's along the lines of homesteading in ways to re-use newspapers for other purposes.

Until next week,

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