Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Earnings Goal

I have wasted 2 hours this evening attempting to post this over on gather.  I decided to post it to my blog instead  :)

I never got around to sharing my February earnings and had planned on sharing February along with March's earnings.  I'm not going to go into detail about either month, but feel free to ask if you would like to know.

If you remember in January I had my best month for earning in a very long time with a total of $313.31 earned for the month.  This included $50 pay for cleaning my church.
Well, I'm sad to report that February and March earnings combined was only $258.70.   wow...that's sad!  This includes $80 for cleaning my church.

There are a a couple of reasons---one being that my life has been chaos with things going on, lots that took me away from home and away from the computer.  Two being that my computer is suffering with issues of the pop-unders and slowness.

My goal this month is to either redeem or receive pay every single day of the month.  If I have tracked it as a redemption and get paid, I don't plan to count the day that I receive it, but will if that becomes necessary to meet my goal of daily.  I will also being counting any days that I get an order through my etsy store,, etc in on the goal as well.

I am starting out here on April 1 with a redemption of $3.20 paypal with easyhits4U.

Wish me luck!
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