Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homeschool Journal--Getting Ready for England

Hip Homeschool Hop ButtonWe had a good week all the way around again!  Some of the other neat things for this week was making Valentines with youth group at our church.
We did spend a lot of time "getting ready for the England trip"  We are still reading out loud the books we checked out from the public library on England.  Each week now when she attends the youth group meetings (with the group that is making the trip), they are learning about England too. 

I'm not sure why it wasn't mentioned to us earlier, but we found out last week that the other kids in the youth group had been earning for this trip for over 2 years and my daughter only joined their youth group 8 months ago.  Therefore she had a $830 credit towards the $2330 needed by each youth for the trip.  

Working with a lady at church--actually she is doing the majority of the work---we got to figuring out how to raise the other $1500 that my daughter needs to pay her way.  The youth group at our own church is giving her $750.  Our retired pastor now attends the church where she is going to this youth group.  He has an endowment fund in his wife's name.  He has graciously offered the $500 left in it for her to go.  (He was our pastor for 13 years, so all of Jasmine's life).  

They (some of the people at our church) asked Jasmine to make a poster with a thermometer to track money collected.  We printed out pictures of the places we know for sure they will visit in England and pasted those around on the board as well.  Here is the finished poster:
 Once we got to church this past Sunday the gal changed the $1500 at the top to the total amount needed and started the thermometer out with how much Jasmine had earned herself for the trip.  She gave a big announcement before the church service started, and stood at the back of the church after the service and collected any donations.  I'm not sure how much was collected but we are heading to Bible study in a few minutes so we will probably find out.  I think we pretty much got what was needed though!

There are some things she needed for the trip as well such as a travel wallet and a waterproof jacket.  The gal that is helping us make sure she gets the money needed has bought the travel wallet for her as her gift.  She also brought in a Cabela's catalog---her and another member are going to get her the waterproof jacket as well as water proof shoes as their gifts!

Yahoo!  My husband and I are sending her with $300 for her snacks and souvenirs money.  We are taking that out of our state income tax refund once it gets in.  We won't have our federal in before the trip.

The trip is March 20-28.

That is my report for this week---off I go now to check out what others are up to in their homeschool adventures  :)
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