Friday, December 30, 2011

TGIFF--What Can You Make With a $2 Sheet

Whew! I must apologize! I've had these things made for a month and I keep letting Friday slip by me without getting a Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday post in.

I wanted to share the things that I made with a $2 Dora sheet that I bought at a yard sale. It was a nice, like new, thicker sheet and I couldn't pass up buying it! My intention was to make just Dora fabric bags with it, but then I seen child's quilt.

This quilt was the first time I've ever tried hand quilting. I hand quilted around the pictures on the fabric as well as I hand sewed the edges as well. It took quite awhile to get it done.

Here is the finished quilt, with a matching pillow:

 Here is a close-up of some of the stitch work:
I also was able to make 2 fabric bags:
All leftover material I cut into strips.  These strips will be used in a bright colored toothbrush rug.  I have the strips ready to start on the rug, just not sure when I will get to that.  There was also a pillowcase with the sheet but I'm choosing to let the granddaughters share it on their pillows.

I also want to note---the pillow insert used for the Dora pillow was given to me by a lady at church.  My mom's friend gave me the quilted backing piece used on the quilt.  I did buy pink thread to sew with for $2.07 at Wal Mart.  I already had the pink cotton thread that I stitched with.  It was in with several used rolls my daughter had given me.
In total for less than $5, I was able to make these things.  I love it!!

I also want to note that the fabric bags, as well as the quilt were sold in my etsy store about as soon as I listed them.

I am working on squares for a quilt.  I do hope to have it completed by this time next Friday to post again!
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