Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homeschool Journal--Christmas Rush Week

Whew! The Christmas rush week is over and it's time to slow down and get back on track.

Not intentional, but we did no text book work last week at all. We got in our devotions, both at home, and from a book I carry in my tote while we were on the run.
There was of course the Christmas program on the 18th. Jasmine had a reading to do. Below is a photo of her reading during the program. The afternoon of the 18th was 3 hours of Christmas caroling to the shut-in members.

Bible study was held this last week. This week we are taking the week off and it's strange to be sitting at home right now instead of at church for study.
She attended her youth group meeting at the Grace church. Also for that youth group she helped serve a soup supper during the annual Luminary up north of town. The soup supper was a fundraiser towards their trip to England in March.

She did help me some with the Christmas baking. There was also the Christmas Eve service at church as well.
Christmas eve was a full day...first to my brother's house for my family...then to hubby's sister's house for his family...and then to church. Below is a photo of Jasmine at hubby's sisters house waiting to open gifts.

Oh yes, I mustn't forget to share this photo of Jasmine and Santa together too LOL This was after church on the 18th.

One of my gifts to Jasmine I bought through brainemporium.com. It's Visual Brainstorms The Smart Thinking Game. Although she made a wise crack when opening it telling every one "of course mom gets me something education", she got the cards out right away. It's 100 of the world's best brainteaser questions, guaranteed to challenge, entertain, puzzle and amuse you. Ages 10 to adult, multiple players. Everyone got in on trying to solve.

I better move along and take advantage of the extra time at home this morning. I am linking up with:

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