Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday 4/27/11

Good Wednesday to all!  I have so many projects going on it's not even funny.

I got 2 more of the fabric bags completed and listed in my etsy store.  I have 2 more since made to be listed before the end of the week.  Only 1 more to finish of the least that I have the fabric for anyway.  I don't have a photo of those.

I am still working on the double thick hot pads.  Half I will have for sale, the other half being donated for the craft table at the next church fundraising sale.  I'm just working here and there on these.
 I am working on a toothbrush rug for our basement rec room floor.  This already is about as large as I've ever made one of these rugs.  I have a long ways to go to make it as large as I want it for the floor down there.  A challenge was put through the Rocket Mom's group on squidoo to build a lens about a craft project we are doing for ourselves.  I hope you will check out my My Toothbrush Rugs lens.  I will be updating it as my rug gets larger until it's done and on the floor down there!
I got busy and got the strips, cut, sewn, and ironed to make the binding for the strip quilt that I started before we moved.  It's about time I get it completed.  I hope to have the completed photo for you next week, and to have it listed in my etsy store!

I have finished sewing the strips on the squares that I am making for sewing club at church.  I have 6 of the squares completely done.  I have 10 more to cut down.  I will have them sewn 4 into a square, ready to then cut the material for the edging by next week as well.  I will cut the materials for in between and the edging, and get it sewn on at our next sewing club meeting May 10.
 I must get started on projects for the new baby coming!!  I have to look up crochet patterns as well as a pattern for a sling.  I have a baby set in my 101 One Yard Wonders book that I also want to make.  I am hoping to have most all of it completed by May 11 when we are having the baby shower.  Think I can do it??  You can see the ticker at the bottom of my blog on Heathers progression in pregnancy.

I think that's it for this week...and yes, it's a lot!  Everyday Crochet is busy doing other things, but I am including her button here.  I have chosen 2 other WIP Wednesday's to participate in this week, and possible future weeks.  I hope you will click all 3 buttons and check them all out!


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