Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday 3/2/11

Good Wednesday to all and welcome to the weekly WIP post. WIP Wednesday is hosted by Every Day Crochet. Please click the button at the bottom of my post to join in the fun and see what others are working on.

For us it's been moving still. Today is the day to close on the house!!!!!
We are really nowhere close to being ready to move. I've been packing boxes for weeks. I've stepped it up this past week or so, but still so much to do!

I packed all my crafts away a week ago and had been working on making placemats for our table. You can see by the photo that I did get a set of 6 crocheted but only completed one. I have the fringe on the other 5 to go, but now they are packed to finish later. It's crunch time on moving!!!

You can see in the photos more boxes are packed in both rooms. Some of these are now in my car and he is taking apart desks and such to put in his vehicle. We will head straight to the house after closing today to drop what we can off. Then it will be home where we have steak in the crockpot for a quick supper. He has to get up at midnight tonight for work tomorrow and Jasmine and I have church activities tonight. We just want to get what we can over there. I wish closing was earlier in the day. I have a full day tomorrow but will get another car load of boxes over there. Friday we have to be there early early for the cable to be hooked up. I will take another load of boxes then. Saturday and Sunday we have a moving truck to use. Can you say exhausted!!

I find muself over committed on the computer but trying to work on the move and in between all the things that I do online.

Anyway, here are my photos for the week.

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