Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday 3/16/11

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I think my entire life is a WIP!! I was going to come in and say that I have no WIP's other than the placemats I am making for out table. (On those, I now have completed 4, which you will see in the photo of the table. I have 2 more to complete for the set of 6.)
I can't say that's my only WIP. I have that quilt that I need to get back to and finish. I'm still in the process of unpacking. I'm down to the craft room, but working slowly at it after busting my you know what unpacking the rest of the house. I would love if you would hop over to my album on gather to check out the progress of settling in to the house. Our New Home
I'm also always in the process of reading books to review. Currently I am reading an autobiography of the comedian Pat Cooper. It's a good read, very interesting. I am so behind of getting my book reviews written....and I have a virtual book tour that needs to be done as well!

Anyway...we are going to head to his sister's house so the garden can start being a work in progress. I need to pull out my rhubarb, onions, and some of the strawberries from the garden there. Hopefully then this next week we can get at least a couple of tomato and bell pepper plants to put in. I'm not planning a very large garden this first year. Soon I also need to get over to my daughter's bf's house and dig up my irises.

Until next week!
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