Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Last Apprentice Clash of the Demons Book Review

The Last Apprentice  Clash of the Demons by Joseph Delaney.

The Last Apprentice Clash of the Demons is a great book for fantasy fans.  I picked it up at the public library, actually on audio.  It comes on 6 CD and is 7 hours long.

Fantasy is not my usual genre of books.  I picked it up thinking that my teenager and my boyfriend would enjoy listening to it with me.  My teenager did listen in and tried to keep up with the story for me.  My boyfriend was never around while we listened to it.

In Clash of the Demons we find Thomas Ward, who is apprentice to the County's Spook.  As I listened it took me awhile to realize that the Spooks were the good guys.
Thomas is charged with protecting the land from the boggarts, witched and all other supernatural threats.  His training will be put to the test.
Tom's mother, Mam comes on the scene wanting Thomas to help her fight a dire threat--the Ordeen.  The Ordeen is returning to the dimension with a horde of more bloodthirsty demons.
Mam helps put together a force to battle the demons, which includes Tom's friend Alice.  We find out that Alice is the devil's daughter, but that doesn't mean that she is evil.

The book is very grphic is what is happening.  I lost track many times as I was listening to it.  Hey, there was even a feral something or other names Marsha.  Oh oh!

The end is great and will leave you wanting to get the 7th installment.  (This one is the 6th in the series.)

As I said, fantasy is not my chosen genre of reading, but for those that love to read fantasy, this is a must read.

You can buy your copy here: The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons

(This review is part of my blog challenge to read 52 books in 52 weeks.  Please click the link at the top of my blog to find out more.)
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