Friday, April 2, 2010

Resolutions Journal Week 9--March 27--April 2

Oh my....I don't feel like I accomplished much this week towards my goals.

I did have opportunity to read my current book, Sins of the Flesh, on 3 days.  I'm pretty close to finishing up the book now.

The only thing I did craft related was crochet 2 dish scrubbies and 2 washcloths.  These are part of my blog giveaway, where there will be 2 winners.  If you missed the post, you can find it at Win a Washcloth/Dish Scrubbie Gift Set!

I have been keeping up with posting to my blog each day.  A lot of this is thanks to the current campaign with bzzagent for the movie BABIES.  If you've not checked those posts out, please do.  For each click I get on what I post I earn 1 point towards winning some great baby prizes.  Winning would be nice since I have young grandchildren.  :)

I did build a squidoo lens that I am excited about.  Our Garden 2010  
I will be updating this lens as it grows, as we harvest, and will be keeping track of costs as well as the worth of the harvest as well.
(this is what we spent most of Wednesday doing, and Wednesday evening I built the lens with photos)

I also updated my Legos lens.

I've been doing my daily posts on gather as well as keeping up with my groups there.  Today I did 2 pretty nice shopping trips.

It's been a busy week as usual away from home...I'm not sure that will ever stop!

I'm in the middle of making up Easter bags for my kids and grandkids right now. I was able to buy the goodies at good deals at Walgreen's using the register rewards that I earned Sunday.  I had the cello bags in my stash from being a Cello In a Box Affiliate.  We will have an egg hunt here on Sunday as well as a bbq since the weather is to be good.  (and we have the foods already for a bbq without having to spend any more money.)

Here's wishing everyone a very Blessed Easter!


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