Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walgreen's Shopping 3/28/10

I shopped and got a few things at Walgreen's today:

Dove Mousse-on sale for $4, used $1.50 coupon and got back $4 in RR (register rewards)

Walgreen's 100 ct. Women's multivitamins--on sale for $3 and got back $3 in RR

Dentek Floss 55 yard--on sale for $2 and got back $2 in RR.

2-Corner Office Legal pads--used Walgreen's coupon so paid .34 and .33.

I also used 4-RR's from last week totaling $5.

I paid $3.85, of which .68 of this was sales tax. I used the remaining $2.11 on my Walgreen's card from gsn and paid $1.74 out of pocket. I got back a total of $9 in RR's to use next time.

Notes: I read that there is a $1 Dentek coupon out expiring 3/31, but I sure don't have it in my files. This always seem to happen!

The 2 legal pads were my "fillers". A filler is something cheap to add to the cart to ensure you have items without coupons to use with the register rewards. I had 4 RR's so they were used on the Dentek, legal pads and the Walgreen's vitamins that I didn't have coupons for. Had I found the Dentek coupon I would have then gotten a 3rd legal pad. (I use the legal pads to keep track of my monthly earnings etc)
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