Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Get your YuwieBling Graphics!

Here's to Wednesday.
I need to get as much as I can looked through and priced for our yard sale this weekend. We have a full day's schedule tomorrow and Friday I will be working to get all the boxes and tables outside.
No outside plans today except Heather's math tutoring. They gave her last week off.

I love picking the kitty bling. One of my mom's cats had kittens awhile back. We assumed none had survived as she was on the porch a lot. However, yesterday morning she brought one to the porch. We then assumed it was the only surviving kitten, and what a cutie it is! But....later she brought another, and after bedtime she brought a 3rd kitten up!

Today's ebay is Language Skills Practice Book Level C again, but this time it includes the Teachers Guide Book and the Language Skills Handbook as well.

Have a very blessed day,

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