Friday, June 27, 2008


Thanks to a reminder from mom, I also had a meeting at church last night too. It ended up being a busy day yesterday!
We got woke up extra early this morning by a storm. Another morning to find the driveway flooded half way up and more tree branches in the yard. The storms are not seeming to end this season.
My only real plans are to pick my Jasmine up from camp this evening!! I can't wait to see her again....and....we get a picnic supper at the camp before we leave.
I am loading up my van with my aluminum cans to go cash them in. Going to use the money for gas in the van.

Todays Gather article to share is Freebies Week of June 1

Today's ebay listing is Language Skills Practice Book Level D

Today's program to share is Link Grand. Low $5 payout. I've been paid a few times and they are very fast to pay once you cash out. Programs been around for a long time and looks like it will stay that way.

Have a glorious day!
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